Here is a little overlook at the gear I like to use:


I like to play and try out different basses since I believe that you can’t find everything you need in just one bass – even though you can get close 🙂

With my Ida Nielsen signature bass I of course tried to create a bass that has all the qualities I am looking for sound- and lookwise.

Apart from my signature bass these are some of preferred “go to” s:

Sandberg: California VM hardcore aged master piece

Yamaha: TRB5

Fender: Jazz bass


Eich amps:
T 1000 Microbassamp 1000 watts

Caveman Audio:

Preamp BP1


Eich amps:
2 x S-Series 2×12″, 8 ohms


I recently started using Tsunami cables and I am very happy about that. The quality is next level and the looks are SO fly!! 🙂

FX are FUN!! My absolute go to right now is:


It has all the fx I need in very high quality and is perfect for traveling…

Other pedals I have been using and still use:

Emma Electronics: Discumbobulator

DOD: envelope filter 440

Danelectro: Fabtone fuzz

Dunlop: Crybaby bass mini

Mooer: tender octaver

TC electronic:
Polytune 2
SpectraComp bass compressor
ditto looper
sub ‘n’ up octaver
Bonafide buffer
Helix phaser


DR-STRINGS! I am super happy about them.

My new love is their “Pure Blues” who fit my style and sound like a glove. If you like slapping and bending and stuff like that they are perfect.

My favourite strings ever!!


I am a long time user of the Gruv-gear frets wraps and I never play without them.

They are really super handy for my style of playing and are a huge upgrade from the hair thingie I used to have 🙂
I also use their club bag which is super convenient.

And here is a clip of me doing my starjam loop with TC electronics ditto looper: